Tropical Fish And Tanks

Fish What You Need To Know


There are many types of tropical and cold water fish on the market now, And picking the right type of fish for your tank can be difficult, This website will help you pick the the right fish for you and your tank.

Tank Filters

Filters are a must for any tropical tank and cold water tank, They filter the water and take the dirty water and clean it up before it is put back in to the tank, There are many makes and model's avalible, we will try to help you pick the right one for you.


Fish Tanks

Fish tank's come in all diffrent sizes, picking the right one for your home can give you a headache,This site will show you lots of diffrent sized tanks that will hopefully help you pick the right one for your needs.

Plants What They Do And Why

Aquarium plants come in many forms and and contrasting shades, they look good and provide shade for fish as well. Colours range from light to dark green, Some also have red and purple undersides. we will show you the range of plants you can buy.

Products You Can Buy

The range of part's and ornament's that you can buy for you tank is unlimited, from plastic plants, air pumps, air stones to under water lighting, The products page will show everthing that you can get on the market for your fish tank.



To keep your tropical fish alive you will need a heater for your tank, and again there are many sizes and types of heaters, so we will look at what size and the watt you will need to keep your fish happy.

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If you have any comments or advice on tropical fish or tanks please email us at TROPICALFISHANDTANKS@LIVE.CO.UK