Fish Tanks

Tropica Aquacube

To brighten up your daily surroundings
A Tropica AquaCube is a fascinating little underwater universe with different varieties of water plants you can mix and match to create the mood you want. A Tropica AquaCube is easy to decorate and with the wide selection of plants and accessories available, each one is unique.

Caring for it is trouble-free
The elegant design allows plenty of space for lovely aquatic plants, but it is delightfully easy to maintain. The entire plant inset lifts out, and then the glass can be taken off the base and washed in just a few minutes. It’s beautifully simple.

Let it inspire you
A Tropica AquaCube is ideal as the creative, modern element in the living room, to inspire you in the kitchen or to soothe you by your bedside. You can even have it in the children’s room and add a couple of small fish. Use the lamp supplied with the Tropica AquaCube or the light around it. You can focus on a single cube or arrange several in a group to make just the impression you like.


Aquarium data:
Dimensions of aquarium: 20 x 20 x 20 cm
Weight of aquarium without water: 2 kg
The aquarium can hold 8 litres of water.




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