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Reef One biUbe 35L Silver

The biUbe silver is the ultimate aquarium for those of you looking for a contemporary and stylish aquarium. Due to the modern look and feel of this tank, it fits perfectly in the office or at home as a centre piece housing a wide range of fish.

The unique filtration aspect means maintenance is easy, and the water stays clearer for longer due to the advanced filter cartridge system.

The lighting is also modern with slimline l.e.ds which not only light the aquarium beautifully, but also use very little power so you're actually combining style with function - one of the reasons why they're so popular.  

The biUbe silver holds 35L making it the perfect size for your office or modern households - you can place it on a desk, table, kitchen worktop or bedroom without it taking up too much space.

The biUbe is ideal for tropical or coldwater fish.

Each biUbe comes complete with the following:

An extensive list of accessories are available in 'biOrb accessories'.



Reef One biOrb Life 45L Black


biOrb Life collections are like no other aquariums on the market. They are super stylish with comtemporary lines and come in 3 different colours, piano black, chilli red and ice white. The seamless gloss acrylic wrap and crystal clear front and back to the aquarium not only highlights the shape of the gloss wrap, it also gives a sharp and cleaner look to the aquarium. Each one sits on an 12mm clear acrylic base that accentuates the shape of the striking gloss colour wrap.

Available in three sizes:

Dimensions of 45L:

The new and advanced filtration system means your water will stay fresher and cleaner than ever - not only is that good for the fish but it also means less work for you.

Access to these aquariums is from the top in which an LED lighting unit is installed. This system provides four different settings to suit any atmosphere; sunrise, sunlight, sunset and moonlight. Not only is this feature unique but these lights use so little energy they are a positive step for the energy conscious user. This sophisticated lighting system provides a healthier environment for the fish and interesting night-time viewing for the owner.

Due to the contemporary look of the biOrb life aquariums, they are particularly suited for those who really want a modern and eye catching design for any room in the home as well as looking great in offices too.


Reef One biOrb 60L Black



The biOrb 60 Aquarium is the most recent addition of the 'classic range' and really is quite stunning. With it's simple and contemporary look it would be a great addition to any room. Whether it is your home, office, work place or reception/ foyer.

Made from strong and crystal clear acrylic, with a capacity of 60 litres of water and weighing 60 kilos when full, it offers more space for your fish aswell as choice.  The BiOrb 60 has a large biological filtration system and can easily be converted into a marine setup.

The biOrb 60 Aquarium is available in 8 different colours and comes complete with:


Arcadia Arc Tank 20L Aquarium

Tropical version with 25w heater and thermometer.
The Arcadia Arc Tank is a stylish compact glass aquarium kit for the novice or experienced aquarist, and its modern open top design provides fascinating, unobstructed views into your aquarium.

Ideal size for an office desk, the living room, kitchen or bedroom
Suitable for coldwater or tropical fish with the addition of an aquarium heater.

Dimensions: 30 x 25 x 30cm (W x D x H)

The striking design allows unrestructed views into the tank from all angles and creates a more appealing habitat that allows the the owner to feel closer to their fish.

Arcadia 9W Arc Pod with Original Tropical lamp
Classica Power filter
Removable glass lid
Replacement lamps and filter cartridges available.


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