Types of Plants



Ludwigia repens


Hygrophila Polysperma

Cabomba Caroliniana

Egeria Densa

Cryptocoryne Wendtii

Vallisneria Natans

Riccia Fluitans

Cryptocoryne Willisii

Plants on bogwood


The Taxiphyllum Barbieri 'Moss' is a robust and hardy plant that can survive with limited lighting. A nicely decorated rock is an ideal hiding place for young fish within a breeding aquarium.

Microsorum Pteropus on Wood Beautiful in every way, this plant decor would suit any tropical aquarium. Suitable for a wide range of water conditions, this plant will also flourish with ease.

Aponogeton longiplumulosus has large, fluted leaves, making it a wonderful plant which can be recommended for large aquariums. It is relatively undemanding, and makes no special demands on water quality.

Under water Riccia fluitans thrives best with added CO2 and in good growing conditions small oxygen bubbles form on the leaf tips. As a traditional floating plant offers good protection for young fish.

This plant has characteristic light-green leaves which form a good contrast to the darker aquarium plants. It is most beautiful when planted in groups.

Vallisneria spiralis  is an excellent plant for beginners, growing in virtually all light and water conditions. The  leaves are also narrow so they do not overshadow smaller plants.  Easy to propagate.

If you have a tank with bright florecent lights, This plant is perfect for your tank, as it grows better in bright light.

This plant is a hardy plant and is very fast growing, So if you need a plant that can easily propagated this is for you.

This plant is widely grown, And is an excellent medium for spawning, It also roots very easily, But needs clean water.

A plant that grows best in hard water, It absords food through its leaves, And is easy to root in your tank.

A very adaptable plant for your tank, And the colours vary from plant to plant, Will add colour to your tank.

This is a plant best used as a background plant, So if if you want to add more plants at the front of your tank, use this at the back.

This plant is perfect for shading your aquarium, And for small fry to hide in, But some fish will eat it.

A plant that is useful as a background plant, And will grow in dark aqariums, It can also be planted beneath taller plants.

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